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Peripheral Port

Peripheral Port

Xtreme Rotaries manufacture a variety of different peripheral port combinations to suit most racing engine combinations. These range from a basic IDA Weber style kit with a DIY intake manifold to an all-out racing straight billet manifold assembly.

All kits are modular and are available to suit 1, 2, 3 and 4 rotor engines in both turbo or N/A applications. All our intake sleeves are fully CNC machined from a solid billet and feature a tapered bore that is 48mm on the rotor housing face and 50mm at the end of the sleeve. Custom sizes are also available on request.

The rotor housings are also fully CNC machined to accept the sleeves which are thread milled into the housing for maximum strength and support. Once we have done this we seal and pressure test them to ensure a perfect bond. The sleeves are sealed to the manifold with a stepped v-band arrangement and an o-ring for ease of maintenance and avoiding gaskets.

The manifolds come in 3 different combinations:

IDA Weber style

This budget kit comes with all the parts to make your own custom manifold. Ideal if you have limited room in custom fitting applications or want to experiment with different intake lengths. RPM range is best suited between 6,000-9,000.

Wrap around PP System

This the most common and ideal for most vehicles as it is very compact. It allows a long intake runner for good mid range torque without interfering with the bonnet and allows more scope for fabricating a large air-box. The intake manifold is made from cast aluminium and tapered for maximum air speed. They also have the provision to accept up to 6 fuel injectors per manifold. The Xtreme Rotaries 60mm billet throttles, ram tubes and plenum plate will bolt directly onto these manifolds. The maximum efficiency RPM range is between 6,500 -10,000 

Straight PP manifold

This kit is the best flowing but the hardest to fit into most vehicles with strut towers or brake systems in the way. It is made from a solid billet and can be easily modified for custom racing applications. RPM range is around 7,000-11,500.

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