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Oil Gallery Modifications

The factory casting of the main oil galleries in the front plate is an inconsistent size and inadequate for high horse power engines.

We perform a process where the galleries are bored to an optimal and consistent size reducing restrictions and increasing oil flow to the bearings.

The plate is then tapped and plugged aiding in cleaning and inspection during rebuilding.
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Price: $60.00
This involves boring the oil galleries to increase oil flow. The two main oil gallery modifications usually undertaken are the main oil pump feed (in all 13B and 20B engines) and the 20B centre plate oil feed.
Price: $60.00
20B 80mm centre plate oil gallery bearing feed is drilled and reamed to increase oil flow to the bearing and the standard brass plug is removed and tapped and face milled to suit a M14mm -8 fitting which is supplied in the price.

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