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CLEARANCE - Bell BR.1 Helmet SA2015 - Black

SKU: BEL142101x
The Bell tradition of leading the helmet industry in innovation and superior engineering continues with the SA2015 BR.1. The BR.1 is the first model in the industry that can be used as a traditional helmet, side air forced air or top air forced air model. By utilizing an innovative kit system, racers can customize the BR.1 to adapt to different forms of racing or seat configurations. The 2015 BR.1 features an aero front chin gurney (duckbill) and comes standard with rear facing Venturi airflow vents installed for dirt track forms of racing. The Top Air and Side Air kits are sold separately with multiple nozzle options.
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CLEARANCE - Bell BR.1 Helmet SA2015 - Black
CLEARANCE - Bell BR.1 Helmet SA2015 - Black
CLEARANCE - Bell BR.1 Helmet SA2015 - Black
CLEARANCE - Bell BR.1 Helmet SA2015 - Black
CLEARANCE - Bell BR.1 Helmet SA2015 - Black
CLEARANCE - Bell BR.1 Helmet SA2015 - Black
CLEARANCE - Bell BR.1 Helmet SA2015 - Black
CLEARANCE - Bell BR.1 Helmet SA2015 - Black
CLEARANCE - Bell BR.1 Helmet SA2015 - Black
CLEARANCE - Bell BR.1 Helmet SA2015 - Black
CLEARANCE - Bell BR.1 Helmet SA2015 - Black
CLEARANCE - Bell BR.1 Helmet SA2015 - Black
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Product Details
The BR.1 features a lightweight composite shell, leading-edge styling and a large eyeport. The standard BR.1 is sold in the standard helmet configuration that utilizes rear facing vents and a venturi ventilation system to exchange air inside the helmet. As air flows over the helmet, the venturi effect increases cooling inside the helmet and prevents shield fogging by creating a vacuum to pull airflow thought the helmet. The helmet's rear facing chin bar vents and top vent provide ventilation while preventing dirt and dust from entering the helmet.


Thanks to the versatility of the BR.1, racers no longer have to choose between a side forced air or top forced air model. By installing either the side forced air or top forced air kit, the BR.1 becomes a full ventilation forced air helmet. By using the kit system, racers can easily switch the BR.1 to the appropriate configuration for their type of racing.

The BR.1 incorporates Bell's air chamber technology to increase pressure and accelerate airflow (when used with an external forced air system) to maximize airflow for improved ventilation and comfort. Bell's forced air helmet features the Quick Lock forced air nozzle that locks the forced air connector in place yet allows for easy release. 

The smaller nozzle design helps accelerate airflow into the helmet. The Quick Lock nozzle can be used with traditional 1 diameter forced air hoses by using the following forced air adaptor that connects the hose with the Bell Quick Lock nozzle. The BR.1 also features Bell's redesigned face piece with recessed areas that allow for seamless radio integration and easy installation.

Racers can also customize the fit of the BR.1 by using Bells Cheek Pad Inserts in 5mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm sizes to tighten the fit in the cheek area. The BR.1 is pre-drilled for use with head and neck restraint devices.


  • Rear Facing Venturi Airflow Vents Allow Air Exchange While Preventing Dust from Entering the Eyeport (Standard)
  • Can Be Easily Adapted to Top Air or Side Air Configuration

  • Side Air and Top Air Kits Available (Sold Separately)

  • Aggressive Styling and Front Aero Chin Bar Gurney (Duckbill) for Improved Aerodynamic Stability

  • Lightweight Composite Shell

  • Multi-Piece, Multi-Density High-Impact Custom Bead Absorbing Liner for Low and High Velocity Impact Protection

  • Integrated Channels in the Face Piece Offer Multiple Options to Install IntegrateRadio Microphone Systems

  • Black Comfort-Plus FR Interior Fabric for Durable Performance

  • Multi Foam Density Standard Interior For Outstanding Fit

  • Positive Visor Seal Prevents Dust From Entering the Eyeport

  • Large Size Eyeport

  • 281 3mm SRV Shield (SRV-2 Pivot System) - Clear Shield

  • M6 Terminal Hardware for Head and Neck Restraint Devices

  • Draw String Helmet Bag Included

  • Hex Wrench Included

  • Sizes S (57) to XL (61+)

  • Available in White and Matte Black

  • Snell SA2015 Homologation

More sizing and measurement info @ Bell Racing

Not all heads were created equal.

Head shape and size is unique to every racer, and your purchased helmet may be the right size for you according to the black and white dimensions of your head, however once you put the helmet on the actual fit may not be ideal. We guarantee a proper fitting helmet for every customer, so if you experience too loose or too tight a fit when you try on your purchased helmet, we will gladly exchange it for one more suitable for your needs. 

Simply return your helmet to us at:

Xtreme Auto Parts Returns
8 Weathers St
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And we will replace it with one more suited to your head size and ship it back to you. 

*An extra fee may be applicable for re-sending a helmet to your chosen shipping address.

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